Turbine Oil filter

Turbine Oil filter

Micropore has successfully designed & developed Turbine Oil Filters for VG 46 grade oil circulation. Water is considered as an enemy of turbine lubricating oils as it impairs its lubricating properties and increases the oxidation rate, develops sludge formation and causes corrosion to costly equipment.

Since it is often impossible to prevent water from entering the lubricating system, it is thus important to remove it from oil before it causes permanent damage. Our Turbine Oil Filtration System dehydrates filters, de-aerates and purifies the turbine oil efficiently while maintaining its lubricating properties.

At the outlet of heat exchangers, these Oil Filters are installed for different flow rates ranging from 15 gpm to 180 gpm and above with different pressure rating. The filter elements are carefully designed to filter the contaminate oil to the extent of 10 /15 micron. Our range of Turbine Oil Filters is available with simplex and duplex models for any range of flow.

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