Bag Filters

Bag Filters

Bag Filters are important industrial process filters used in the industries. Polypropylene / Polyester / Nylon etc. are the filter media used in the applications. The filter media is selected on the basis of the material compatibility with the handling fluid. These are available from 500micron to 1micron filtration level. We also provide Welded Bags with polylock arrangement for effective filtration at absolute micron level. For high flow rates above 20m3/hr up to 100m3/hr, multi-basket filters are available.

These filters are designed for optimum filtration performance and are used for a variety of fluid applications in the process industry. The internal supports of these bags will not burst even if high differential pressures build up during operation.

Our exclusive range of Industrial Bag Filter is utilized in the industrial process of powder separation from air or gas. These filters have an advanced automatic control system which ensures an effective and speedy cleaning. The high pressure filters that we supply are used in cement, ferrous and non-ferrous, chemical industries for collecting dust.

Clients can place their order for Bag Filter Systems that are ideal for filtering large volumes of high viscosity liquids.

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